VoIP Services for an IP Future

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Projected to be an $80 billion industry by 2017 (Source: Infonetics), Hosted VoIP will play a significant role in all of our futures.

But without the right partner, implementing Hosted VoIP internally can be expensive and complex, with an exceedingly long time-to-market.

But what if you could move quickly and avoid unnecessary capital expenditures?

Toly Digital’s VoIP iTALK Is Here

Speed to Market - Time is Money

30-45 days-to-market with Toly Digital vs. 5-6 months if done on own

Faster time-to-market saves you money. Our research has shown over a 60-month period, your costs would be 21 percent less when outsourcing your Hosted VoIP service through Toly Digital.

Other Advantages of Outsourcing VoIP to Toly

Avoid the hassle of managing a PBX
No requirement for high, upfront investment
Company flexibility to add, change or delete users
No need for maintenance contract or dedicated IT staff
Perfect for organizations that are changing rapidly
No overhead development, evaluation or management costs

Additional Training

Toly Digtal is with you every step of the way, to get you up and running quickly.  We also have unbundled options, so your company can take gradual control of the service when your team is ready.

Toly offers training on:

Education of service
Install of service and back-end for PBX
Maintenance/admin of service
Sales of service
Support of service

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How We Will Do It

Toly Digital Now Offers VoIPiTALK

VoIPiTalk allows ILECs, CLECs and/or broadband providers to provide an exceptionally diverse product portfolio.

Toly Digital has made it easier than ever for cloud-based Hosted Voice Services. Whatever your setup – from no soft switch to CLEC – Toly Digital’s VoIPiTALK has the options to suit your business goals and budget.

Specifically built for the success of your ILEC & CLEC, VoIPiTalk is a great solution for providing your customers a Hosted VoIP Service.

For nearly two decades, Toly Digital has been your partner in providing the best quality long distance service. As the traditional telephone landscape rapidly changes, communications companies are moving to IP solutions for transmitting voice packets and providing both telephone and PBX services via “The Cloud.” VoIPiTalk lets you embrace industry trends by providing high quality Cloud service within 30 to 60 days!

The Simple Answer

VoIPiTalk is based on the latest industry trends and key marketing strategies. It allows our ILEC, CLEC and broadband provider partners to rapidly achieve additional revenue through multi-play and value-added services.

Our motto is simple: There’s always a solution.

VoIPiTalk is PERFECT for Businesses and Residential Customers

For Example:

With VoIPiTalk @Home service, residential users or small businesses can have a single line service that gives you all of the features of traditional service plus additional voicemail to email and mobility options. If you want some more sophisticated options than with the @Home Premium service, residential users and small or home-based business owners have a single line service with some of the benefits of an enterprise PBX but with affordable pricing.

Here’s how the @Home Premium service works:

When a call comes to the system, the system plays a message:

“Thank you for calling the Brown household. Please press one for Mike, two for Nancy, three for Joe or press zero to reach anybody in the household.”

VoIPiTalk provides up to 5 virtual extensions You know which extension is dialed through a distinctive ring tone. Each virtual extension has its own voice mail box and you still have the ability to have calls “blasted” out to up to four additional numbers.

Is the VoIPiTalk service right for your company?

Take a moment and answer the following three questions.

1.  Do I want to expand my business?

2.  Do I need support in starting this service?

3.  Do I have time, resources and capital to develop this service on my own?

VoIPiTalk is easy to install, manage and maintain. You will have the flexibility to retain all call origination and termination on your network while requiring no capital investment.

Call your Account Manager today for more information.

We've made it easy for Cloud Based Hosted Voice Services

Now ask yourself?

1.  Do you own a softswitch?

2.  Do you want to preserve your ILEC and grow your CLEC businesses?

3.  Are you concerned about the cost of capital, resources and the time to market Hosted VoIP Services?

VoIPiTalk is a service of Toly Digital, offering an exceptionally diverse Video and Voice-over-the-Internet (V VoIP) service that can easily be rolled out into your marketplace.

With this proprietary platform and patented Real-Time Protocol (RTP) technology TDN ensures the highest quality service at a competitive price.

Have You Been Saying:

Just not ready for the Hosted VoIP or SIP Environment

We do not have a Soft Switch and are not yet ready to enter into a Hosted VoIP or SIP environment.

No problem! With Toly’s Bundled VoIPiTalk, you can launch this white-labeled service in 30 to 60 days with no capital expense and a minimum of resources. Toly Digital provides all of the telephone numbers, call termination and administrative portals.

Soft Switch, Check. SIP, Check. Hosted VoIP, Not Yet.

Do you have a Soft Switch with SIP capabilities but have not developed the Hosted VoIP Service? Are you challenged with the associated capital costs, ongoing maintenance fees, strain on resources and long development time?

With UnBundled VoIPiTalk, you utilize your own network for all Call Origination and Call Termination Services that are OffNet. VoIPiTalk becomes the application server providing the services to the End User customer but network Call Routing remains in your hands – lowering your capital and operational costs.

We have Soft Switch and Nothing Else

We have a soft switch but have not yet implemented the SIP or Hosted VoIP capabilities.

Our flexibility allows you to start providing service using our Bundled option with a minimal investment. As you develop your SIP capabilities we then migrate the back-end network connections required to provide service to your network. You then retain the network call routing for all Inbound and Outbound calls through the service.

Toly Digital’s UnBundled option gives you the ability to utilize your own network for all Call Origination and Call Termination Services that are OffNet.

VoIPiTalk becomes the application server providing the services to the End User customer but keeping the network Call Routing in your hands. With this option you save significant capital and operational costs, obtain less stress on your important resources and can bring this service to market again in 30 to 60 days.

Clec-ing? Expanding to Out-of-Territory Areas?

We have a soft switch with SIP and Hosted VoIP but want to expand our CLEC business to Out of Territory areas we do not serve today. However, we are finding we are limited to only providing service within our traditional service areas.

The way End User customers connect to VoIPiTalk: you can use either the Unbundled or Bundled option to easily expand your service area to anywhere in the lower 48 states. End Users do not have to be located within your network to connect but use the public internet to register their devices (phones) to the service.

Hosted VoIP Services

Enterprise-Grade Communications for the Home and Small Office.

Hosted IP-PBX Solutions

With our PBX service you never have to worry about how many lines you need. You get all of the features of a true PBX and receive and/or make calls without either you or your callers receiving a busy signal. Because the PBX is Hosted any business that has multiple locations can now function as one and provide emergency or disaster recovery backup for each other.

Our user-friendly, web-based interface allows you to deploy, configure and manage the system by yourself. Our team is also available to assist and answer any of your questions.

  • ​Features IncludeWeb-based Administrator Control Panel (ACP) manages all features and locations from a single user-interface (UI)
  • Web-based VoIP Control Panel (VCP) allows users to manage their own features
  • Auto-Attendant with multi-level prompts configures company directory first or last name.
  • Web-based operator station supports busy lamp field (BLF) hundreds of extensions, drag-n-drop call transfer and click-to-dial.
  • Integrated Unified Communications (UC) including voicemail, videomail and faxes delivered to email; voicemail alerts via SMS and voicemail via RSS feed
  • Message-waiting indicator; Do Not Disturb​
  • Unlimited and free, world-wide extension-to-extension dialing.
  • Call Transfer (blind and supervised); Call Park/Call Pick-up.
  • 3-Way Conferencing for all extensions.
  • Multiple 20-person conference bridges with security.
  • Shared call appearance on multiple phones.
  • Multiple line appearances on multi-line phone.
  • CallBlast – Call Forwarding combined with Find Me/Follow Me.
  • Call Waiting. ​Enhanced Caller ID (Caller Name).
  • Phone numbers from over 10,000 US cities plus over 60 countries; any number can ring to the desired extension.
  • Video Softphone can be used as a “roaming” extension anywhere on the planet.
  • Full 911 coverage in US and Canada.
  • Broadcast intercom to specified groups and direct intercom (public or private).
  • Inbound faxes delivered to email inbox and outbound faxing from most Windows applications.
  • Call Groups (either Ring or Hunt).
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) with full reporting.
  • Custom prompts or music on hold for individual ACD queues and/or Call Groups.
  • Account codes (verified, unverified, and optional).
  • Speed Dial: PBX-wide and individual.

Feature Reach

Distinctive ringing innovation – Auto-CallBlasting and Notification – Private Voicemail Box – Call Waiting Innovation – Call Screening

Contact us today and get started.