Toly provides numbering resources where you do not have access and cannot get your own numbers. We also provide a SIP trunk to hand you inbound calls when someone calls those numbers. Outbound calls still use your existing outbound call termination paths already in place today. Toly’s direct inward dialing (DID) services allow you to only order what you need – we require no minimums versus buying DIDs in bulk. If needed, we can also provide E911 services for the numbers we provide. Our team works to get the best fit for your unique situation which saves you money and removes the hassle of setting up an interconnect agreement. We have been offering this service for years and it makes sense for rural providers. Our costs are among the lowest in the industry at only ten cents ($0.10) per number and half a penny ($0.005) per minute for inbound calls. We cover over 95% of the USA!

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