Toly’s FaxAgent is easy to use, fully HIPPA compliant and designed for high-volume usage. FaxAgent can completely replace your current fax service and our FaxBridge allows you to continue using your current fax machine.

Benefits Features
Secure: Send, receive and monitor fax requests over a secure IP-enabled network Multi-tiered with admin account as well as individual accounts
HIPPA Compliant: Meets HIPPA requirements; secure for sensitive data Review, print or download faxes
Efficient: FaxAgent reduces errors and increases successful transmissions Set up profiles for sending, receiving & notifications
Convenient: Gives you the ability to keep your own ILEC numbers Send and receive faxes via web interface, email, fax machine using patented FaxBridge ATA
Highly Reliable Fax Client App
User-Friendly: Provides an easy-to-use interface Receive notifications via email or SMS
No Additional Usage Charges Supports remote fax machines behind analog lines with FaxBridge devices

  • No Usage Charges

  • Use Your ILEC SIP Trunk For Own Numbers And/Or Port Numbers

  • Fully Bundled for $9.95/mo.

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