With our Cloud Switch Services (CSS) you have complete Class 5 managed switching capabilities providing the traditional services you offer today and the ability to include cloud-based services, with a long-term strategy for retiring your local central office switch.

New federal requirements (like STIR/SHAKEN) are increasing your costs while technology developments have dramatically opened doors for your competition. Simply retaining your existing customers is becoming an impossible strategy. With Toly’s CSS you can retain those customers and increase your market size. With Toly, you only pay for what you use and we make it easy to start slow and transition at your convenience.

Toly is a leader in helping customers meet regulatory requirements. With almost three decades of service to hundreds of ILECs and CLECs throughout the country, we implement solutions that meet your unique regulatory needs. We do so with an experienced team that understands the differences between states, as well as federal agencies.

Any amount of service downtime is expensive, ranging from potential penalties to unhappy customers and lost revenue to lost customers. Reliability is not optional; 99% uptime is not good enough. When we say “carrier grade” we know that means extreme reliability that is well tested and proven with fast fault recovery through redundancy.

Toly’s Cloud Switch Service (CSS) is built for rural providers seeking to evolve and offer advanced services. Our robust and flexible CSS allows companies moving from a traditional on-premises switch to gain additional functionalities. Toly’s secure CSS platform reduces complexity while improving control and management.

A major drawback of hosting your own PBX is that when disaster strikes – whether from a 100-year storm or just a power outage, service goes down. With Toly’s cloud-based platform you have resiliency built-in – there’s no single location or single point of failure. Your customers remain productive which increases trust in your company.

Toly makes it easy for service providers and their business or enterprise customers to be fully compliant with new laws and changing regulations. For example, as of January 2022, non-fixed phone lines, applications, and softphones must be compliant with section 506 of Ray Baum’s Act. From Kari’s Law and multi-line telephone systems to Next-Gen 911 and continued innovation, Toly is committed to keeping you compliant.

Our white labeled CSS allows you to offer on-premises or cloud-based VoIP services using your own branding — without having to construct the solution yourself, invest in new hardware, or hire specialists. You get to offer your own enterprise-level solutions under your own brand name.

Our CSS platform is designed from the front end to the back end to be cost-effective, flexible and streamlined. We have methodically considered and incorporated end-user communications products and services, along with platform services and powerful APIs. We have spent the time developing our full stack cloud communications platform so that you will grow your revenue while also reducing your costs.

Our hardware and software are extremely reliable, well tested and proven. With Toly, you get a fault-tolerant design that delivers immediate failover through standby redundancy. Quality of service is also built into our network management algorithms to ensure that voice (and increasingly, video) gets priority over non-real-time traffic. Our performance monitoring solutions put you in the driver’s seat to ensure we (both Toly and you) are meeting SLAs.

Toly doesn’t outsource. Our USA-based team is here for you, ready to help with one-on-one support. Our customer service and technical support is based in Florida, Utah Nevada and Connecticut, so you get assistance directly from Toly staff who truly understand our services and have the experience to address your unique needs 365 days a year and 24 hours a day.

For over 27 years Toly has been a trusted partner of carriers throughout the country. We have never removed our focus on providing advanced and evolving services for the rural market. To be your trusted partner means that we must provide quality service at a price that works for you while having the capability to evolve with technology and the market. But that is just the beginning. We must also understand your unique needs from ILEC to CLEC, from independently owned to cooperative, and from federal, state and local requirements.


At Toly, we make sure we understand your vision and growth goals. We challenge your team to ensure your services are efficient and profitable and we work to innovate. As your trusted partner, we do not make promises we can’t keep – we are honest, take ownership and follow through.

Toly uses a centralized security architecture to eliminate the need for individual security measures. Our team is committed to limiting exposure to threats and risk and giving your team better visibility and context across the platform.

We scale with you and our platform scales according to your growth and individual needs. One size does not fit all – which we understand from serving rural providers for over 27 years.

In today’s environment, we understand that growing your revenue beyond voice is a necessity. Toly is focused on generating new revenue streams for your company and helping your sales team with post sales revenue. Toly has already helped rural carriers with leveraging ISDNs and VoIP – and continues to do so. But strategic revenue generation doesn’t stop there. Toly is making it easy to grow revenue with IVR, auto-attendant solutions, video and audio conferencing, mobility, UC softphones, specialty lines, business text messaging and so much more.

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