Toly provides 24x7x365 real time international call monitoring that focuses on a 24-hour window. We set thresholds for each of the five different geographic regions:

  1. International 011,
  2. Canada,
  3. Mexico,
  4. Extended Domestic and
  5. Caribbean.

We work with you to set these thresholds based on your unique usage patterns.

Save the Caribbean for an
Off-Season Vacation

Save activating international access until your customers request it. But don’t just restrict “011” calls. In recent years the Caribbean has become a hotbed for fraudulent toll activities, so we recommend blocking selected North American 1+ area codes, too.

Don’t Let the Halftime Show Distract Your Players

Just like a house burglar likes to strike when you’re on vacation, toll fraud criminals often launch attacks when your team’s at its thinnest – during weekends, holidays and other downtimes. Keep your after-hours fraud contact information updated with Toly. If we spot trouble, but can’t reach anyone on your staff, your risk exposure could skyrocket.

Keep the Play Inbounds With Session Border Control

As more traffic shifts to SIP and VoIP, fraud prevention needs to shift as well, and a firewall can only do so much. While session border controllers require investment, they offer substantial protection in return, and offer protection for VoIP where it intersects with other networks – so even if a network is compromised, the VoIP services are not.

Review the Playbook With Your Team

Regularly educate and remind your employees and consumers about toll fraud and what they can do to protect themselves. A 2013 study of 465 businesses by  Sonus revealed only 21 percent of businesses review activity on their monthly phone bill. Encourage your business customers to regularly monitor their PBX, voice mail, automated attendant and 800 call detail records for suspicious patterns:

  • Unusual after-hours calls, especially numerous short duration inbound calls
  • Calls to countries they don’t do business with
  • Incoming calls from suspect areas such New York City (area codes 212 and 718) or the Caribbean, where a lot of computer hacking originates.

And the Password Is … Hopefully NOT Password!

Use of hard-to-break passwords (by both employees and end-users) is still one of the most effective ways to shut down fraudsters.

  • Don’t use default passwords or factory-set passwords – these are way too easy for almost anyone to find or guess
  • Change passwords and access codes quarterly (at a minimum) for both the switch (software based – remote access) and adjuncts (hardware based – voice mail systems and automated attendant services)
  • Change or remove authorization codes when users leave the company, especially when technicians depart
  • Use the maximum number of characters, include a mix of symbols and digits, skip easy number patterns, and avoid using things like extension numbers (even in reverse)

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