We have over a decade of experience offering Hosted VoIP. Our team works with you each step of the way, including selling, implementing and maintaining the services of your customized solution. We emphasize reliability and quality while working to evolve VoIPiTalk to grow with you. The following are some of our recent developments.

Simplified Pricing

Only pay for the number of concurrent call sessions you need including DIDs, 911 and domestic 1+ usage (e.g., call termination costs). There are no additional charges for PBXs, users or features included with the switch and no one time installation charges (NRCs). All is included as part of your concurrent call session allotment!

New Features

Some of our new features include:

  • Private (brandable) Mobile App (includes chat/IM & SMS Text features)
  • Web RTC app that includes voice, chat/IM and SMS Text features, presence as well as video conferencing
  • Video conference bridges with screen sharing and recording
  • SMS/MMS Texting
  • Flexible, customizable device programming
  • Improved Contact Center features and reporting

Additional Unified Communications Features

A unified experience on any desktop, tablet or mobile device. Collaborate from anywhere on any device and sync status and presence across devices.

Access to optional Add-Ins and 3rd Party Applications (APIs)

There are over 240 standard APIs available. Now you can easily provide additional feature and functionality for your customers including Microsoft Teams, speech-to-text and text-to-speech, private label mobile app branding and CRM integration.


You have access to nationwide numbering resources or you can retain your own numbers. Toly will terminate all outbound calls for you which can create additional savings.

Improved Reliability

We use a robust, carrier-grade, enterprise-centric server along with network resources which are allocated in three data centers. Based on your subscriber distribution and geographical redundancy requirements, multiple sites will act as primary core nodes, with additional sites acting as secondary or tertiary core nodes for failover or emergency disaster recovery and business continuity purposes.

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