Mike’s been in telecommunications for over 20 years and international sales for 10 years before that. His colleagues love his passion for helping folks – whether they’re customers or not. His customers love his drive to solve problems and appreciate his willingness to stick with them for the long haul.

“I love rural America … I love America, but really love rural America. It motivates me to know we can help – that our solutions can relieve customers’ pain and assist in their success.”

Prior to joining Toly, Mike was Vice President of Wholesale at Zone Telecom. He earned his bachelor’s degree at Portland State University.

Mike’s thrilled to be working for a family-focused company. He has five children and four grandchildren (word is he’s ordered 15 more grandkids). He and his family have a small farm in Utah.

How does Mike find balance? “I love to run – mainly so I can eat Ben and Jerry’s without boundaries. I strive daily for more spirituality and fall short daily. I married above myself. My priorities: 1) God and Family, 2) Friends and Neighbors, 3) Toly and Customers, 4) Health, and 5) Ben and Jerry’s ice cream.”