Shylo Tibbs, Senior Customer Care Manager

Shylo Tibbs

Shylo has worked in telecom for more than 14 years.  She loves her customers and enjoys learning new things.  Her customers count on her dependable, get-it-done attitude. Her colleagues love her sarcastic wit, amazing organization skills and fun-loving spirit.

“I love working for a great company with awesome people who accept me … and allow me to be me!”

Shylo loves nicknames and FLIP FLOPS!  Tries to wear them every day.  (Which we think is pretty talented considering she lives in cold, snowy Utah.)

Shylo enjoys living in rural Utah with her handsome hubby and two adorable, busy, fun and crazy boys.  After endless practices, homework, games, laundry, cooking, church, and cleaning, there is not always much time left.  But if there is, she’ll take reading and sleep, glorious sleep.  She’s also into food, music, movies, and laughing.

Her secret to laid-back success?  “I truly believe there are few things in life that a hot shower, long nap, good cry, or an even better laugh cannot fix!”