Shawn Cunningham-Deakin, Director of Business Development

Shawn Cunningham

Shawn has 10 years of experience representing both the wholesale and ILEC sectors. At Toly Digital, Shawn excels at finding solutions that meet her customers’ needs, and working with cross-function groups. Her customers love that Shawn’s accounting background and analytical skills enable her to laser focus on their bottom-line company profitability.

Shawn’s not afraid to tell whole roomfuls of people about how great Hosted VoIP is, whether at national forums such as NTCA’s RTIME Convention, or conferences at the statewide level. She is an active member of multiple state associations nationwide and also a member of NTCA-the Rural Broadband Association.

A native of New York State, Shawn earned her business management degree from Mercyhurst College in Erie, PA.

This sunshine-loving waterbaby is an avid exerciser, so when she’s not working with Toly’s customers, you are likely to find Shawn running or lifting weights and generally staying fit.

Another tidbit about Shawn? “I LOVE wearing my cowboy boots and my cowboy hat. You can take the girl outta of the country, but can’t take the county outta the girl … as my daddy always says!”

Phone: 561-694-8655

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