Hosted VoIP: Training & Support Every Step of the Way

Marketing_Flowchart_Training Support from Toly Digital and Work the Plan We Help You Plan the Work Create_Wheel 8 Years of Experience in VoIP Services Put Team Toly to Don't Re-create the Wheel ... Work for You!
The Toly team has more than eight years of experience with Hosted VOIP. We use this experience to help your company every step along the way.
We recognize that even though Hosted VOIP Services are relatively easy to learn, they are a totally new way to do business for many companies.

The Toly Idea Bank

Count on Team Toly every step of the way. We provide data, ideas and support to help you develop your:

Marketing 240x120Market Strategies

Gift Bags 240x120Service Bundling Strategies

Dice 240x120Pricing

Bullseye 240x120Target Marketing

What’s Included in Toly Training?

  • How to order the various services
  • How to design and maintain PBXs
  • How to configure and install devices
  • Maintenance and administration of service
  • Selling the service
  • Training for End User Customers

More Tools You’re Going to Love


Pricing Dart 250x150 transparentCustom Pricing Matrixes

Green Check List 250x150 transparentPre-Installation Checklist

Network Atom - 250x150Network Testing Web Portal

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