Hosted VoIP: Let’s have a talk and see where it goes.

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Voipitalk logo 300x107Toly Digital Make’s It Easy to Step Into Hosted VoIP. We have done the research and discovered all signs point to voice calls moving from TDM to IP in what the FCC is calling the “Fourth Network Revolution.”

It’s Time to Talk To Toly and Act on VoIP or Be Left Behind

The time is now to start gaining experience for your company employees to sell, market, implement and maintain Hosted VoIP. Start building revenues and market share with Toly Digital today.

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Toly Has More Hosted VoIP Options Than Other Providers, So You Get the Right Fit

With three Hosted VoIP DELIVERY Options and four Hosted VoIP Service types, Toly Digital gives you more flexibility than anyone else.  Sell all four of our Hosted VoIP SERVICE TYPES or pick one or two. We customize the perfect Hosted VoIP Service for each customer — no cookie-cutter packages here!

Step 1:  Select the Hosted VoIP DELIVERY Mode Right for You

Bundled - Trans

FULL Bundled Network

Fully “White Labeled.” Design your own service including all aspects of service. Toly will provide the Hosted Services and the required Network Services

Time to Market: 35-45 days

Unbundled - Trans

Your Network w/Toly’s Service

Same as 1 except the Network Services are UnBundled and utilize your Network infrastructure.

Time to Market: 35-45 days

Supplemental Services - Trans

Your Network/Your Service

Supplement your own Hosted Service with Network Services that can expand your market nationwide by providing telephone numbers and 911 Service.

Time to Market: Variable

Step 2:  Select the Hosted VoIP Service Options Right for You

Single Line



The reliability and quality of traditional telephone service at a fraction of the cost. Great for residential and self-employed individual entrepreneurs. A single line to a single IP device, with all the features and capabilities your customers will love.

Single Line Enhanced


Single Line

With a couple of basic PBX features included, this service is perfect for large families and small entrepreneurs who want to give a big-business impression. Still a single IP device, but with five virtual extensions, Auto-Attendant and distinctive ring-tone identification. Voicemail, too!

Hosted PBX



Hosted PBX Service gives you the advanced capabilities of today’s smart PBXs and Unified Communications features while maintaining the reliability and quality you require for your end-user business customers to be successful. Deliver the benefits of Unified Communications now, all for lower costs.

Inbound/Outbound With SIP


With SIP

Connect SIP trunks to a SIP-Enabled On-Premise PBX or Softswitch. Choose the number of channels/lines you need for expected traffic volumes. Two-way traffic can handle inbound telephone and toll-free calls and outbound toll-free and international calls. Port existing telephone numbers or obtain new numbers from a nationwide pool.

The Toly Digital Difference on Hosted VoIP:
Never Cookie-Cutter, Our Blueprint For Success Puts Our Customers First!

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Fast to Market

Gain immediate experience and market share by selling and marketing Hosted VoIP first and then planning the  “How To” of providing the service via your network second.

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Flexible Options

VoIP iTALK gives you four Hosted VoIP Service Options and four Hosted VoIP Delivery Modes to meet your company’s strategic plans. With Toly Digital, upfront investment costs are minimal, and you save on overhead, management and IT costs.

Great Service

Toly has over eight years of experience offering Hosted VoIP. Our team works with your company each step along the way, including selling, implementing and maintaining the services.