Direct Inward Dialing (DID) Service

The flexibility of DID services may be just the competitive edge your business needs to thrive.

Why Do Businesses Use DIDs?

DID numbers are not restricted by geogrpahy. They offer a local number for your business regardless of where you are physically located. Having a local DID number provides a personalized touch along with a higher level of comfort to the recipient of the call.

DIDs offer the best of both worlds.

DIDs can be set up in a call group to ring when someone dials a main business number, or they can offer individual phone numbers for their employees without requiring different lines through the private branch exchange (PBX). Additionally, a unique DID number may also be used for inbound faxes.

How much do Toly’s DIDs cost?

You only pay for what you use. Toly’s DID service is $0.10 per number with a per minute cost of ½ a penny. There are no minimums and no costly interconnect agreements.

The greatest features of our DID service is flexibility and functionality.

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