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Aaron Suto

Aaron Suto


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Jill Jobson

Sr. Customer Care Manager

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Mike Ricks

VP of Strategic Sales

Making Customized Solutions Easy

No two ILEC’s are built and operated exactly the same. Differences in networks, services and even regulatory issues require flexible solutions. Whether your needs are for competitive switched or dedicated services, SIP trunking, Hosted VoIP or Big Data, Toly Digital provides customized solutions.

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What’s the Toly Difference?

At Toly, we take a different approach.  Price competitiveness is a given. So if price is price, what do you consider next?

We believe partnership comes next. A trusted and ongoing conversation in which we don’t just sell you a product, but strategize with you for your long-term profitability. We are committed to helping you achieve your company’s vision and the  technology solutions you need to be the telecommunications provider of choice in your.

Market Insight, Analysis and Experience

Today more than ever, ILEC’s are faced with competition from all sides – forcing new approaches to selecting and delivering the right services to your customers.

The Toly team is experienced and ready to pair our knowledge with a careful analysis of your unique environment. Let’s develop a customized plan that takes into account your strengths against outside competition. A plan that delivers the solutions you need to be successful and chart a long-term strategic direction for your company.

At Toly Digital, we believe analysis and strategy are the keys to your profitability, sustainability and YOUR best interest.

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